It’s day 106 of 365, and we’re halfway through the week!

I hope everyone had a super fantatsic Wednesday. Mine was both good and bad. Bad because my family left for home today. Good because I had an enjoyable day at work. And bad because our heat wasn’t working when I woke up this morning. We had to call someone to come fix it. Apparently something was frozen up somewhere? And one of the valves had to be replaced. So $700 and a new valve later we have working heat through the entire house, including in the basement, which he wasn’t even trying to fix. So I guess that’s good. I’m really glad Scott’s family gave us some money for the house for Christmas. It wasn’t what we had planned on spending it on, but at least we had it. It’s definitely too cold here in NY right now not to have working heat. Especially with bad weather on the way. And think what would have happened to poor Shake. Tropical birds can’t survive in cold drafty places. Anyway, it’s getting late. I’m a little tired. I just ate a big plate full of leftovers followed by a slice of pumpkin pie and now I’m sleepy!  I have to work tomorrow, but only for 6 hours. I’m actually going to get to leave by a decent hour tomorrow! 4pm! YAY! I guess I’ll head to bed. Enjoy today’s picture of our new furnace valve! See y’all tomorrow!