It’s day 108 of 365! It’s also the first day of 2010! Happy New Year everyone!

How did you spend your day? I slept in, had brunch with Scott and then played a little World of Warcraft before I headed off to work. Work was interesting as always! We had a trauma case transferred from another hospital. A one year old dog fell from a 100 ft. cliff and has a broken tail and some head trauma. Amazingly she didn’t break anything else, but she’s still in shock. Poor girl! It was just me and Sam tonight so I tried to help her bang out the treatments, fill the prescriptions, and enter notes and charges in so that she could do what she needed. I hope I helped!

Scott stayed here and watched the Rose Bowl! His home team, the Ohio State Buckeyes, WON! Hooray! My photo of the day today is of him in his Buckeye’s gear! Enjoy it. I’m waiting for my dinner to get here. I’m going to eat it and play some more World of Warcraft. It’s back to the grind with school after today so I can make sure to be finished with the semester by March. See y’all tomorrow!!