It Pours.

It’s day 112 of 365, my dear ones.

Tuesday and Wednesday are basically my weekend this month. I like that though because I can do errands and whatnot on normal business days, which is really helpful. Today started out normally, with coffee and cleaning and laundry. Until the dryer stopped working. It happened once before and it was just a button problem. But this time, it was the motor, and that means there was no fixing it (you could fix it, but it’s not worth it). *Le sigh* So, I cleaned out the fridge, drove to West Point, dropped Girl Scout books off to Carol, dropped the down comforter and my pea coat off at the dry cleaner, went to the commissary, drove home and put all the groceries away, ate lunch, and then went out to find a good deal on a dryer. I found one at Lowe’s. I hate how they get you on installation. Because they advertise free installation but only if you have electric as opposed to gas appliances. I have a gas dryer. Therefore it has to be installed by a professional. That’s $145. With everything it totaled $724, and that’s with a military discount. And don’t forget that last week we had to spend $600 to fix our heat. Booo. At least I was able to convince them that I absolutely needed it delivered and installed by tomorrow. They’re doing it special for me 🙂

Scott and I made dinner together tonight. We made vegan black bean burgers from the “How it all Vegan” cookbook. AMAZING!! We topped them off with fresh avocado and salsa. It was so good. And then I finished up my Information Literacy class. Now I just have to bang out the rest of my math class. Bleck. Oh well. Then I can move on to semester two after I take my finals. Kendra, get ready to proctor because it’s coming up soon! Now I’m just hanging out with Scott on the couch. He’s watching the Orange Bowl. Today’s photo is of our dinner. Enjoy your watery mouth and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!