It’s day 114 of 365, my loves.

Ok, so I can’t actually post a picture of the dog because it violates our privacy policy at work. But I can tell you that he is an absolutely adorable italian greyhound who was abused and mistreated. He’s only a year old and I love him and wish I could take him (but we have no more room at our inn). He’s very sweet and just needs someone to love him. I’m sure he will return the favor a million fold. He was taken today to the ASPCA in New Windsor. If you want more information about him, let me know. I can also show you what he looks like, I just can’t post it on here.

We had a puppy come in today that had parvo 😦 He’s in isolation right now. Thank goodness his owners agreed to treat him. I would have hated to see him put to sleep. I really hope he makes it. He’s too cute and sweet not to.

Scott is watching the Texas Alabama game with Barry and Matt right now. Did you know that Mack Brown was born and went to school in Cookeville? I learned that tibit last night on ESPN. I made Scott rewind the tv because I heard them talking about it and wasn’t sure that I heard it correctly. I guess I did though. lol.

I got my new iskin cell phone cover in the mail today. It’s hard to believe that I paid $30 for a piece of purple plastic, but I think it’s pretty cool and I hope that it protects it well. I like it a lot.

Apparently my rambling is super random tonight. I feel like my brain is buzzing. I’ve probably had too much caffeine today (I say as I continue to consume it in the form of diet cherry pepsi) so I’m guessing it’s going to be an interesting night. I did take a picture today (of the greyhound) but I can’t post it. So I guess I will post something else… how about this one? Me making out with the dog. Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!