It’s day 116 of 365, my special good friends!

Sorry for such a curt blog last night. I was so tired and cranky!! Today is much better though. First thing today, I went to Brid’s closet to try to find Scott a new amulet. His cracked down the middle yesterday!! Bernadette didn’t have any more of the tourmaline ones like he had, but I bought a nice piece of obsidian and a strand of hematite beads and used wire to cage in the obsidian and place the hematite intermittently on the wire. I think it turned out ok. I might redo it later, but for now it will do. I also bought myself a pair of small onyx drop earrings for work. I wanted some, but couldn’t find a inconspicuous enough pair for my tastes until today. So yay! I also went to a little shop next door to Brid’s where I bought an adorable fleece scarf and a therapeutic rice bag; they were each only $5!

This afternoon, Scott and I went to see Daybreakers. I liked it a lot. It was like watching an old school B film but with awesome special effects. Good job, guys. Good job. I also really liked Willem Dafoe’s character. And Ethan Hawke was mega cute, lol.

Now I’m just finishing up dinner. I’m really hungry! So I’m going to wrap that up… Today’s picture is of my fleece scarf. It has zoo animals on it, lol! Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!!