It’s day 118 of 365, loves.

So, I worked 8-8 at the animal hospital today doing Dr. rotation. It was the first time I’ve ever done it, and I got to know some of the doctors a little bit more. Dr. Greenberg and I argued over a scalpel blade and Dr. Yates and I had the worst euthanasia experience ever. The poor dog had such bad edema that we couldn’t find a vein and she had zero blood pressure. It took so long for her to pass 😦 So, so sad.

I’m sitting here at my desk eating Ramen noodles. My dogs are barking and driving me crazy. Scott is at brass band rehearsal in New Jersey and won’t be home until after 11. My feet hurt. I think I’m going to go read in bed. The picture I chose for today is of the amulet I made for Scott this weekend. The main stone is black obsidian (volcanic glass) with small hemitite stones on the wire. It is supposed to absorb negative energy and have protective properties. I hope it works for him! Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!