It’s day 120 of 365, my friends.

I just got back home from the bar where I was watching CNN. Obviously I can watch it at home too. That’s not why I went to the bar, but I did end up watching it while I was there. Anyway, so far the Haiti death toll is somewhere around 50, 000 and climbing. My friend Kim just said she heard that it could reach 1/2 a million before it’s all over. I can’t even wrap my mind around that right now. We were watching a live repot and the camera spanned over to a small child outside of a medical center who was covered with a sheet, having died while waiting to be treated. Bodies are lining the streets of Port-au-Prince. That’s about the time I got up and left. I can’t really handle seeing things like that. This just makes me wonder what everyone else is thinking about. Are other people just as concerned? I mean, I know some are, but what about the majority. It seemed to me this morning that people were more worried about UT’s head couch leaving than the thousands of dead and dying homeless people in Haiti. It just makes me wonder what peoples’ priorities in life are. It also makes me disappointed in my fellow humans. If you want to make me undisappointed, you can totally go here to find out the best way for you to help. I texted ‘HAITI’ to 90999 and donated $10 to the Red Cross which will be charged directly to my wireless bill. You can also text Yele to 501501 to contribute $5 to the relief efforts for Haiti; it is also charged directly to your phone bill. My friend Rachel suggests donating this way: the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). With UMCOR 100% of your donation will go directly to help victims. The United Methodist Church pays UMCOR administrative salaries & expenses. So you have lots of options. Get to it!!

On a happier note, I went with Leigh Ann and William to take Elvis the bassett hound to the vet today. I am happy to report that Elvis is doing much, much better! So yay for her. Hopefully she’ll be able to walk normally again very soon.

Also, Scott got our shipment of food goods from Pangea vegan store! We had the Field Roast meatloaf and some mac and chreese for dinner tonight, and it was definitely yummy! I also had a little bit of my sea salted Salazon chocolate bar. They have to be one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth, hands down. (and I know, I know…that’s what she said.) We also got this amazing jerky called Stonewall’s Jerquee which is just as good as eating beef jerky without any of the guilt. It’s juicy and chewey and delicious. I took a picture of some of our goods! It’s today’s choice! ALSO! I’m making an option on the sidebar for those of you who enjoy reading daily to subscribe via email. So enjoy, subscribe, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Delicious food that just happens to be 100% vegan!