It’s day 122 of 365, my good friends!

Words cannot describe how happy I am to be off of work early tonight, and off all day tomorrow. Don’t worry though, nothing bad happened. I’m just tired and not feeling quite myself. Scott picked me up from work early because we were slow, and we had some Field Roast grain meat for dinner along with our mac & chreese. I’m now nomming on the last of my Salazon chocolate bar. These things are so damn good. Sea Salt and chocolate are definitely a winning combination! And I guess I talk about them enough on twitter to get the PR person’s attention. He’s sending me a free t-shirt, lol.

I worked my bum off this morning at work. It was crazy. But after all the surgeries were finished, it got slow. Speaking of surgeries, I got to help Dr. Kryger with a tumor removal today. I held the smoke vacuum for the cauterizer and I also held the dogs leg out so that he could put the sutures in. Awesome!!

So Scott and I are going to go catch a showing of the Book of Eli now! I leave you with a picture of my “I’m home” face 🙂

Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!