It’s day 123 of 365, peeps!

It is also Saturday, which is one of my days off. Today Scott and I ventured to the Palisades mall where we watched Avatar in Imax 3D. I LOVED it. Scott did not. But that’s ok. We both agreed on certain points of each others views so that is all that counts. That and we had a good time together! We also stopped to buy District 9 and Let the Right One in BluRay format. AND I bought a pair of lined crocs for work. We were trying to decided where to go for dinner when I suggested trying to find a Thai place nearby. We did! I’m so glad that we found one too. The food was delicious! So tonight, I leave you with photos that represent our little excursion. If you’ll excuse me, I have some World of Warcraft to play and I’ll probably have to go dig the cat out from behind the toilet at some point. Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!!

Brown with blue and brown plaid lining


Really good Thai beer


Avocado Spring Rolls


tofu, vegetables, jasmine rice with peanut sauce!