It’s day 124 of 365, leg owners. (at least I hope all of you have legs…if you don’t, I’m really, truly sorry)

Have you guessed today’s topic yet? If you haven’t, I will now tell you: SMALL ANIMAL TRAPS.

Apparently people up here still use them, and I haven’t really figured out what for. They aren’t very big…I don’t really know what you would catch in them that would  be worth the trouble/effort.

Can you guess why I chose this as today’s topic? Because I had the (not so) pleasure of seeing a small animal that should not have been trapped with it’s leg caught inside one of these stupid things. I don’t know how or where that animal is now, but I know it’s in a lot of pain and with people who could not care less about the fact that it’s foot is probably going to rot off (if it lives that long) and it could have been prevented.

My whole point in this is that if you know of anyone who still uses these kinds of traps, could you please kindly ask them not to and inform them that domesticated animals have a high chance of being trapped in them as well? I could definitely go without ever having to see that again. For today’s photo, I’m not going to actually show you a picture of a trapped animal, but just give you a basic idea of what the trap looks like if you didn’t already know. Be aware, and spread the word. Traps are stupid. The end. See y’all tomorrow.