It’s day 125 of 365, my dear ones!

I hope everyone had a great Monday! Mine was eventful! I worked 8-4, changed clothes, and went to Girl Scouts. That was great, one of my Co-Leaders, Carol, really put together a great presentation tonight on Safety! We made first aid kits and she explained important safety topics. And I worked on paperwork and organization of some of the troop finanances, which was wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Carol! I super, duper appreciate it!

When I got home from the meeting, I was beginning to make dinner and went to feed the cats while I was waiting for my water to boil. That’s when I noticed one of the cats had vomited…and then I saw Ruben vomit again. UH OH! When I fed them their wet food, he didn’t even look at it. That’s when I knew he was sick. He went into acute renal failure last year, which he thankfully recovered from, so I won’t even mess around with him being sick. Dr. Masucci did an exam and pulled blood so we could run a CBC, Chem panel, and electrolytes. I was relieved when the test results came back and his BUN and Creatnine were normal. The only thing off was his white blood cell counts which means there is an infection somewhere. So, because he has a fever, we gave him subcutaneous fluids, and the Dr. ordered B vitamins for good measure. He also gave him some Reglan to keep him from being nauseated and an antibiotic injection for tonight. I start him on oral antibiotics tomorrow. Whew!  I’m so so so very thankful it’s not his kidneys though. He’s only 4 and I don’t know what kind of life he would have if they just kept messing up. I can’t believe his kidney levels were actually back to normal, so super awesome. So please get better, my kitty.

Anyway, I’ve really got to get some sleep. I have to take Scott to work tomorrow because he wants me to keep the car just in case I have to take the cat back to the vet. That means an early start. So here’s today’s photo and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Ruben's medicine