It’s day 126 of 365,  Tuesday friends!

Hope everyone had a great day! I had a busy day myself, with housework, laundry, cleaning up after sick cats (yes cats) and taking extra special care of Ruben. I also worked on my math class…I made a 92 on my test today. Now I only have one more to do before I start studying for my Proctored exams. Ruben is doing better. His temp is back to normal, but he’s still nauseated. It seems like the other cats (except Fred) are having some tummy troubles today too, although not as severely. I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m keeping my eye on all of them.

So here’s a cute (and dangerous) triqueta of photos for you today. I brought Fred into the office with me just now because she has literally not been out from under the couch all day. And of course she sees the bird and is instantly interested. This ended with paws on the cage, but then she got in trouble. Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!!