It’s day 127 of 365, my loves!

Today was another fairly busy day off. Scott came home in between work stuff this morning, and I made us scrambled tofu and facon for breakfast. Then I got ready and waited for Leigh Ann to come pick me up. We went back to her place to unload her groceries, and William and I tried to play the clean up game…It didn’t really work out, but he helped a little bit. He is only 2, after all. Then we went out to lunch at Red Ginger, a Japanese restaurant in Newburgh that I hadn’t eaten at yet. I ordered spicy tofu and vegetables, and it was excellent! Then we headed to my house where William got to play with Big Dog (aka Walter) and Black Cat (Carl). He didn’t want to leave and curled up into a ball on the dog bed in the living room in protest, lol. After that, I started cleaning and finished up the laundry. I took my closet doors off and took everything out and reorganized it. I managed to clean out 3 garbage bags worth of clothes and shoes that I plan to donate. And now I can actually close my closet doors, which is always a plus. Today is also my favorite day of the week : Clean Sheet Day! I love sliding in between clean sheets and falling asleep. I think I’m going to go do that now. So today’s photos are of William at the restaurant we went to. He’s one of my favorite kids! Enjoy and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!