It’s day 128 of 365, friends!

Oh boy. Where to start. I was awoken at 5:55am by Yuna growling and panting. I thought maybe she was growling at the cat, but she wouldn’t stop. She had to go out…which is really unlike her so early in the morning. Then, when I got up for real, I gave Ruben his antibiotic and he promptly vomited it back up. I took Scott to work and when I got back home, there was cat diarrhea all over the floor, Bosley had pooped and peed in the office, and Walter had peed a small pond in his kennel. ARRRGGGGHHHH! It was a frustrating morning.

I had to take Ruben back to the vet today for xrays because he is still vomiting and not eating. Fortunately (& also kind of unfortunately) the xrays didn’t show anything, so we still really don’t know what’s going on with him. It’s definitely bacterial in nature because of his elevated white blood counts, but beyond that, it’s unknown. So, we did another round of subcutaneous fluids, another injection of Reglan for the nausea, an injection of pepcid to help with that also, and we’re going to see if he’ll maybe eat a bland diet. I also have to give him kaopectate twice a day to help coat his stomach. Hopefully this works, because we really can’t afford the ultrasound or endoscopy…Obviously we will do it if needed though. I just hope he can work this out on his own with a little help. Testing is so expensive and there is no guarantee that it’s going to give you answers. *Le Sigh*. So I’ve got him all set up in the bar area downstairs, kind of like a little isolation tank. That way, I can monitor if he uses the bathroom, if he’s drinking or eating, and if he’s vomiting. I’m about to go see if he did eat or if he vomited his antibiotic. Then I’m going to take a nice hot shower and go to sleep. Today’s picture is of him at the vet in his cage…he was so mad a me. Enjoy his grumpy-puss face, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow.