It’s day 129 of 365, Friday friends!

Just a quick Ruben update for those of you who are keeping up. He finally ate something today, mostly thanks to my friend Jen who recommended baby food and even BROUGHT me some of her own supply. He sucked the chicken right down! I’m soooo glad that he seems to be doing better. He was much perkier when I got home from work this afternoon, and even meowed a few times. Hopefully we are going to stay on the road to improvement.

In other news, I’m incredibly tired and am heading to bed now. I have a photo to share with you today, but I didn’t take it. My sister did, and then I edited it a bit (and not very well I might add). It’s just a picture of her baby bump. She hopefully finds out what the sex is at her appointment next week. So take a look and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!