It’s day 131 of 365, almost Monday friends!

I’m so glad to be home, even if it’s just for the next 10 or so hours. Work was slow for the majority of the day, but picked up around 6. I also had my 3 month review this afternoon, and I think it went really well. First off…I still have a job, so that’s a good start. Second, everyone seems to think I’m doing  a good job and will continue to do so as I learn more. I’m so glad! Dr. Orban showed me how to stain an ear cytology slide today, too…and he thanked me for my help as I was leaving. I like this side of Dr. O.

While I worked today, my wonderful hubby went grocery shopping, cleaned, and made dinner for me so I could eat as soon as I got home! I’ve got a good husband! 😉 After dinner, I checked on Ruben and took a nice bath. Now I’m all sleepy. If only I could get these heart palpitations to stop, I’d be in business. I think I’m going to go curl up now and read before bed. I work 8am-8pm tomorrow, so I need some rest! Today’s photo is of an awesome poster my mom bought me. It makes me smile every time I see it. Enjoy it, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!!