It’s day 133 of 365, little ones!

How did you spend your Tuesday? I spent mine being pretty busy…at least after I got up, which didn’t happen until almost 10 am. I did Yoga, cleaned my kitchen, swept my floors, took out all the trash and recycling, did laundry, ran to Walmart to pick up a couple of things, dyed my hair, made a super awesome dinner, and worked on a couple of chapters of medical math. ALMOST finished with it 🙂 Tomorrow, I’m planning on going over to Leigh Ann’s to play with William and have some girl time. Hopefully, they can come for dinner, too!

Anyway, I would really like some time to relax this evening, so I’m going to wrap this up with a picture of my Wal-mart deal I found today. A totally cute corduroy purse for $12!!! Enjoy, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!