It’s day 134 of 365, y’all!

Hope everyone’s Wednesday was swell! I went to lunch with my friend Carol, and we had a good talk. Then I FINALLY picked up my comforter from the dry cleaner. I also went to Barnes and Noble. I discovered an awesome couple of bins where everything was only $2!!! I got an eco-notebook for myself, an “green” pet book for Scott, and a neat children’s book for William. I also bought him a copy of Maurice Sendak’s Chicken Soup With Rice, A Book of Months which was one of my favorite books as a small child.  I found out something very important today, too! Cafe Mochas with soymilk from Starbucks are Vegan!!! I had the barista check the ingredients of the chocolate they use. So that made me super happy! When I got home, I made pumpkin spice muffins with cranberries to take to Leigh Ann’s for dinner tonight, and then I sat down to relax for a few minutes! Finally, I went to Leigh Ann’s tonight for dinner. She made fried tofu, some really delicious vegetable gyoza with special sauce, and vegetable nabe! I have left overs to take for lunch at work tomorrow, too! Thanks so much for super delicious dinner and good company! And now, I’m going to sleep! I’m actually really tired. Hopefully I will not wake up with a certain cat trying to feed me her tail again…*ahemFREDahem*. Enjoy today’s photo and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!! Goodnight!