It’s day 137 of 365, friends and neighbors!

How did you spend this extraordinarily cold Saturday? Scott and I tried to stay in and stay warm for most of the day. I mega cleaned my desk and did some filing.  I also synced my google calendar to my iphone.  But then! We got hungry. So we went on an adventure. Scott and I drove to Beacon and found a cute little Thai place on Main St. The food was good and the atmosphere was nice. I enjoyed it a lot. I wanted to take pictures of the river, but it was just too darned cold! It looks like Beacon could be a new favorite place to eat though. I saw two other restaurants that claimed to be vegetarian friendly that I would like to try. There was also a cool looking arcade museum that we want to check out. Does anyone else know cool things to do or see in Beacon?

We also received belated Christmas gifts from Scott’s mom today! There are two nice wall hangings. One is for the “gathering room” and the other is a welcome sign with cats on it. I put the welcome sign over the entry way to the kitchen. You can see it when you come in the front door. I haven’t figured out where I want to put the other one yet, though. So, thanks for those, Momma B!

We took Shake downstairs to the bar with us when we got home and we let Yuna come in on a leash. He got so excited, he tried to fly down to her (Because Yuna is his favorite above all others), but Scott managed to get him to sit on his shoulder so he could see her better. He seemed content enough with that.

Now I’m just piddling around the office. I think I’m going to play some WoW after I let the dogs back in though. Today’s photos are 1) A picture I colored to go inside a “Make your own design” travel mug and 2) the inside of the Thai restaurant in Beacon. The restaurant picture isn’t so great, but I especially liked the exposed brick and the chandeliers. Enjoy, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!!

Giraffe: "Oh boy! Sparkly gumdrops!" Elephant: "I love happy rainbow ponies!"

Sukothai Restaurant, Beacon NY