It’s day 153 of 365, my loves!

I’m sitting at work taking a little breather. It’s been pretty busy tonight. Not in the sense of emergency visits but critical care cases already here at the hospital. The day staff was really swamped today as well, which left a lot of the stocking and cleanup up to us, too. At least it keeps me and Sara on our toes. There’s still quite a bit of laundry left to do, but the piles are slowly but surely going down. I’m also on my last batch of autoclaving…5 batches later. And that’s about it.

We had a girl scout meeting this afternoon. Thanks for all your hard work, Carol! And sorry about the dead squirrel!?! What was up with that!!??!!

Alright, I know leave you with tonight’s picture: 3 of my 4 pups chillin’ out here for the night! Enjoy and i’ll see y’all tomorrow!