It’s day 155 of 365, my little ones !

Let’s see…what did I manage to get done today? Well, I sure did sleep in! And then I started laundry and ate breakfast. I went for my massage which was absolutely amazing! Promptly after my massage, I almost hit a deer. I stopped inches away from it. If I had hit it, I would have needed another massage, and probably some booze. I went to Target to pick up a couple of things like pet food and some gym pants and ended up buying a new set of sheets! They’re purple and organic and really soft! I know it might seem like an impulse buy, but every single set of sheets we own has at least one hole in them. And not because we have had them a long time (although some we have I guess…) but because someone named Kaylee Anne Beaver has chewed holes in them. I would like to have a nice set of sheets with no holes. So 😛 Let’s see…after I got home, I balanced the checkbook, took Shake out of his cage for a little while, and finished my math class. Now all that is left with my first vet tech semester is my finals. So…yay!? I’m actually a little scared about the exams, but hopefully, I’ll be ok. I also cleaned quite a bit this evening and finished up the laundry. I was tired of looking at dust and dust bunnies, so I remedied that. Now all that’s left is some sleepy time. So, I’m gonna go watch an episode of Fringe and go to bed. Enjoy today’s picture of Fred checking out the new sheets and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!