It’s day 162 of 365, my bosom buddies, lol.

Did you get any snow where you live? Supposedly we were only supposed to get maybe 2 inches followed by rain. Unfortunately the changeover to rain never happened so we got stuck with 6 inches of very wet snow. Did you know wet snow is hard to shovel? If you didn’t, let me assure you that it is. My back is telling me all about it right now, as is the blister on my hand. I even had on gloves. But wait, here’s the best part…the forecast is predicting 6-9 more inches tomorrow!! Ugh. This is why I hate New York. Maybe someone will be nice enough to let me borrow their snow blower tomorrow….probably not though. Anyway.  So what did I do today? I shoveled out the driveway (at least enough to get my car in and out), vacuumed, did laundry, ran to Kmart to get cat litter & some cleaning stuff, mopped, and now I’m waiting out my last load of clothes so I can put the sheets and comforter (confiter, hahaha)  in the dryer. Then, my friend Leigh Ann and I are going out for Indian food. I’m looking forward to that 🙂

So today pictures are of the back deck and the dogs outside this morning. Enjoy, and I’ll (hopefully) see y’all tomorrow as long as we have electricity and everything !