Hi ! I got so caught up in everything yesterday that I forgot to write! I’m so sorry! I had to find my way out of almost three feet of snow and then fetch my husband from West Point because his truck was plowed in! Thank goodness he’s finally home though. I missed him so much! Anyway, back to the snow… It’s more than I’ve ever seen in person. We got about 30 or so inches over a three day period. Ridiculous! I know i’ve already posted some pictures and there are several on my facebook. I personally do not care for this much snow. I had to have someone plow out my driveway. My car was stuck yesterday. So, I made new rules: 1) we always have to own a 4 wheel drive for as long as we live here & 2) we will have our own snow blower before next winter. No more of this shoveling the driveway shit. So yeah, I think that’s it for now. I’m sleepy and have to work tomorrow. Have a good night y’all!