Hi guys 🙂 First of all let me just say that I miss blogging everyday. I just think at this point and time, I don’t feel like I can actually do it everyday without it becoming  an obligation instead of something I’d like to do. There is too much for me to do and think about without adding something else to the list of things that I HAVE to do. With that being said, I would like to try to post at least a couple of times a week because I’m still taking pictures pretty much on a daily basis. So I guess I’ll be changing the rules around a little bit. Instead of 365 days of photos (Since I’m way behind on that) this can serve as my personal blog with the stories accentuated by photos…I mean, that’s pretty much what it was anyway, except now it will be revolving instead of a time limit of one year. What do you guys think of that? Anyway, here are some Spring pictures to make you smile! I hope you enjoy them! See y’all soon!

One of the tulips on my front porch

Walter at the "Beach" at Plum Point

Walter looking like a big doofus 🙂